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Dictionary of Mining Engineering Nihat Alpin Mütevellioðlu 050990045 -A- Adhesion : Holding surface together with an adhesive Advance : The work of excavating as mining forward in an entry and in driving rooms; to extract all or part of an ore Agglomeration : A concentration process based on the adhesion of pulp particles to water in ore benefaction Alloy : A substance having metallic properties and being composed of two or more chemical elements of which at least one is an element of metal Amalgamation : The production of an amalgam or alloy of mercury Anemometer : An instrument to measure the velocity of air Anomaly : A body, which is much different in geological and mineral content than the surrounding formations Antimony: A trivalent and pentavalent metallic element which is rather soft usually in metallic silvery white, crystalline Arches: A large building with a curved top over an opening, usually as a monument -B- Bagging : Flexible tubing for conducting compressed air, water, or steams usually constructed from canvas and rubber Ball mill : Mill which has balls inside that are used to crush big minerals Ballast : Broken limestone pieces to carry mine track within its side Baryte : A sulphate of Barium Bell conveyor : A moving belt that rides on rollers and used to carry coal or other materials to various locations Bench : A long seat; a strong on which mechanics prepare their work Bentonite : A montmorillonite type clay formed by the alteration of volcanic ash Blasting : Break up and destroy Blind shaft : A small shaft driven between two galleries Blister copper : An impure intermediate product in the refilling of copper Boundary : A line between areas of the earth?s surface occupied by rocks or formations of different type and different...