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Literacy Narrative: Draft 2

I cannot be limited to one defining moment in my learning experience because this story can only be written with two: First was when I realized I was fat, and second when I realized I wasn't. I'll focus on the former.

Disney World is where it began. Or at least when I became conscious of the fact that I needed to lose weight. I was with my whole family and we were taking a break from going on rides to get ice cream. I got a chocolate cone and was wearing my favorite new shirt from Limited Too, it was white and had a little sparkly dolphin right in the center. In the middle of eating it, I spilled some chocolate right below the dolphin onto my protruding stomach and was immediately embarrassed. My older brother made a quick joke and I instantly became aware of everything that was going on; I was chubby, wearing a shirt that was too tight, and making a mess in front of the whole park.

I had to get rid of the shirt because I couldn't stand the feeling that everyone who looked at me was thinking about how fat and sloppy I was. Of course my mother told me there was nothing to worry about and bought me another shirt but that was not the end of it.

I was in 6th grade, 11 years old. That's all I remember. Up until this point, I didn't know or care about how much I weighed, how much prettier my friends were than me, how tall I was, what size my pants were, or how many boys didn't like me. Up until this point my only concern was what color sharpie I should write my homework down with. Unfortunately, after...