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The late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century United States expansionism was a continuation of past United States expansionism.

The Louisiana Purchase and the Mississippi River proved to be important trade routes for the United States along with the New Orleans's harbors for resources and raw materials in early expansion years. Along with California being annexed, the trade with Asia opened along with the Pacific. The United States during early expansion was thinking towards expanding its land to gain more trade with nations and more natural resources for its expanding population and country. They used the newly acquired land to accomplish this national interest. This also continued in later expansion years with the annexation of Hawaii and the taking of the Philippines. John Hay's open door notes and the Philippine-American War increased trade with China and got more resources from the Philippines for trade. The United States was still thinking towards gaining more land and raw materials to help support the ever-growing country in later expansion years just as they were in early expansion years.

Manifest Destiny was a movement during early expansion years that caused the United States to grow from the Pacific to the Atlantic oceans. Early settlers believed that better opportunities could be obtained by expanding the United States to the Pacific Ocean. They believed God demanded them to take this territory and to expand the United States. Therefore Americans expanded away from the eastern coast and to open farmlands in the center of the United States with the Louis and Clark expedition and the many trailblazers. It was no different in the late nineteenth-century when Social Darwinism and the powerful belief by many that Anglo-Saxons should be the supreme race. The belief that God wants a supreme race of Anglo-Saxons controlling the world was the same idea as...