"Using Earned Value Management Indexes as Team Development Factor and a Compensation

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What are some ways to motivate project teams? Are the ideas presented in the article "Using Earned Value Management Indexes as Team Development Factor and a Compensation Tool" applicable to your organization? Why or why not?Every team is different, and every individual on a project team is motivated differently. There are many ways to motivate the team as a whole, but many revert back to motivating the individuals. Witzel (2005) recommends the following:•"Engage the team in the planning process"•"Respect their expertise and skills"•"Provide them with growth opportunities"•"Provide sincere and specific praise"•"Chastise in private"I think each item has its benefits and should help the team produce the best result it can. Involving the members in the planning process will help alleviate the uncertainties of why they're doing each step. While team members do not necessarily need to know every reason for every task, having access to the big picture and being able to provide feedback exudes that sense of "teamwork."

Respecting your team's expertise is essential, especially in projects you're heading up but aren't necessarily an expert about. You may be a great PM, but if you're not an expert on every area that the project touches, you need to rely on your SMEs and let them know you're relying on them. That will motivate them to help you and be their best. In addition, providing them with growth opportunities will show that they will get something out of the project-if it's a success, they can expect (insert growth opportunity here, such as a promotion, or inclusion on future projects). Providing sincere and specific praise shows the team you're paying attention and you appreciate all they're doing, not just that they're showing up for work every day but you don't actually know what they're doing all day. And the age-old...