The Value Private Security Management Brings to Businesses

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In this paper I will discuss the value private security management brings to businesses. To do this I will start by telling you what security management means, it is multifaceted and interdisciplinary. Security involves the use of criminal and civil law, investigations, business management, policy formulation, psychology, sociology, and technology to protect persons and property (P.J. Ortmeier, 2005). To get a better idea of what we are going to talk about I will start off with a brief history of security.

The singularly most important and conspicuous purpose of security is that of protector or guardian. As the guardian against harm to people, property, and information, security is a service function with a tremendous impact. However, security's value may be difficult to measure or quantify. Therefore, security's impact may be determined more appropriately by what does not happen, rather than by what does (Sennewald, 2003). In early times, protection of people and property was done by individuals, clans or tribes.

It was controlled by customs and redress or grievances were handles by the person or clan. The Code of Mannurabi represented the first written laws designed to prescribe the responsibilities of the individuals or groups. The code also specified a predictable punishment for each offense, thus reducing the possibility of barbarous and capricious punishment at the hands of revenge-seeking victims. In 1500 B.C., Egypt created a judiciary system, and in 1400 B.C., Amenhotep, pharaoh of Egypt, developed customs houses and marine patrols (American Society for industrial Security, 1998; Schmalleger, 2004)The criminal justice system in the United States developed primarily from the English common law structure. Most of the original American colonies were settled by the English. Thus, the colonists simply transplanted the laws of England onto American soil. As in England, the sheriff was the primary legal officer. When the...