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Chapter One

Darkness Kills.

Kacy ran over the wet pavement a couple blocks from her house when it started to rain. It was coming down pretty hard; currents of water were rushing towards the sewers.

The sky was unlit and shaded. Nothing could really be seen through the darkness. Kacy caught herself looking around not frightened but intrigued. This was the perfect setting for something exotic to happen. Kacy always gave herself thrills by allowing unwanted and spooky thoughts to invade her mind, on nights like these, with the trees casting shadows and houses with no lights on. Kacy was cold and shivering. She looked down to block the wind and rain from her face, but a gut feeling was telling her to look up and fast. A set of bright headlights was racing toward her fast splashing waves of water everywhere. Kacy froze like a helpless in the middle of the road.

The car was only inches away. Something made Kacy jump away from the vehicle, which could have meant her death. It wasn't her gut feeling that time; it felt more like a push. A push to save her, A push from someone else.

On the ground wet and bitter Kacy stood up beginning to walk freaked out by the passing moments of terror. Kacy was walking calmly for there was nothing to be scared of right?


The autumn leaves under her feet made multiple sounds. Kacy was beginning to think that she was just imagining a figure pushing her. That made her smile to think of how scared she was! Kacy tried hard to restrain herself from falling over and rolling in the brightly colored leaves laughing.


Kacy laughed even more when she remembered the gory horror film she watched at...