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Essay by setsunny December 2005

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Learning from the case

This case describes the benefits of the scorecard and the challenges of measurement and implementation.

This case reflects on:

- How to implement a Balanced Scorecard

- How to measure and improve the effectiveness of support functions

- How to link non-financial measures to financial measures of support functions when financial benefits are difficult to quantify.

Verizon Communications Inc. was one of the first companies to implement a Human Resources Balanced Scorecard. This report reviews the process of balanced scorecard and how the concept works and can be applied in this highly competitive global economy. Verizon is the largest provider of wire-line and wireless communications in the United States, and it is a recognized exponent of the human resource balanced scorecard methodology. This report identifies and discusses key issues and problems that have been related to the combining of organization's existing business strategies and its newer human resource management strategies and practices.

The case demonstrated how Human Resource leaders are now continually being placed under increased pressure to clarify and demonstrate through the use of hard data and what the value of their functions can or will deliver to the business as a whole. In other words, soft functions such as Human Resources can no longer simply represent a bottomless pit of costs. This report details how Human Resources Management is implementing new strategic management frameworks such as the Balanced Scorecard to develop and embed the value of the processes from Human Resources Management business-wide.

Our Approach

In this case analysis we have basically conducted a Post implementation review of the Balanced Scorecard at Verizon.


Following are the major issues that we identified as problematic in the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard:

Uncontrollable Metrics

The metrics defined in the balanced scorecard were used...