Victor problem in Frankenstein

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Williams, Deandre

Professor Robert Burton

English 1301

September 20th, 2014

Victor's Problem

Victor's main problem in Volume 3 is his inability to understand the creature. No matter what the creature says or does victor always seems too interpret the overall message wrong. The creature says "I will be with you on your wedding night" (Shelley pg 121). Since the creature bride has been destroyed, he plans on doing the same thing to Frankenstein bride. Victor says at one point in the story "Villain! before you sign my death -warrant, be sure that you are yourself safe"(Shelley pg 121) this is evidence that victor thinks the creature is going to kill him. In another part of the story victor even say how much he fear for Elizabeth when the creature takes his life, again another clue of how victor doesn't understand his own creation.

If the creature wanted to kill victor he would've while they where talking the creature tells victor "Remember that I have the power; you believe yourself miserable"(Shelley pg 120).

Once again poor Victor couldn't read between the lines. The creature is stronger and bigger then Victor, so if he really wanted to kill him, the creature wouldn't have to wait for his wedding night.

In the process of making the other creature victor looks up, and see the creature staring through the window with a grin on his face. Victor says "As I looked on him, his countenance expressed the utmost extent of malice and treachery" (Shelley pg 119). Yet another example of Victor interpreting the creature wrong, the creature might be grinning from happiness. Of course Victor thinks otherwise, and insists that grin on the creature face is out of pure evil. Victor destroys all the progress because of this look, and the...