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Victorian Police provides a 24-hour police service to the Victorian community. It ensures a safe life for individuals in the community. Victorian Police was established on 8th January 1853. William Henry Fancourt Mitchell was appointed as the first Chief Commissioner. At that time there were only 875 men, for of 168,000 people.

Most of the police force is helping the community and only 20% of police force is fighting crimes. There mission is to provide a safe, secure and orderly society by serving the community and the law. Victorian Police is a very large organisation which has over 12,800 people working to serve the law and community.

The Police force works together with local community and businesses to identify crimes and safety issues. Victoria is the safest State in Australia. They research against all crimes even if they are reported or just detected. Theses are the few they go against:


Sexual assault

Armed robbery

Physical assault and many more

They use the communities help like the schools and the libraries to ensure that every one is safe.

They have community based programs such as neighbourhood watch programs. They offer support to the victims of the crime and there families and friends.

They encourage people to join there force and work the safeness of the community and the law. The Duties of a police Member are such as:

Following many laws and regulations

Investigating crime, prosecuting offenders and giving evidence as a witness at courts

Investigating accidents and deaths

Searching for missing people

Guarding prisoners in the police station

Giving direction and advice to the public on safety

To be able to help the families of the victims and show some respect

Keeping peace at all the public places

The police are very strict about the driving safety. They have...