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Video Review, ""

In the video "Hate crime" they are a few things wrong with the people. Their grasp on reality is so far unrealistic that it could never happen. I do not fully blame them, but their upbringing and moral values is the cause for this hatred. For example Don Black was probably taught to be racist by his parents. His son who stared storm front for kids a racist site for young people was not born racist, but came in this world an innocent infant. His mind was corrupted, so basically he had no opportunity to experience a normal childhood. This epidemic of racism is the fear of another race improving their situation in this society. Also I believe that many of these men and women have weak minds. Matthew Williams and Don Black are creating an unrealistic world for these people and they believe in them.

Giving them money, and committing random acts of violence. I think that these people believe by killing blacks, Jews, or any other races it would unite white people to take over and try to kill or segregated every minority that is not Anglo-Saxon. Each person should be accountable for their actions and if they continue to protest against blacks I believe that it will be the down fall to their organizations because it brings minorities closer together.