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1. Marketing communication overview1.1. Marketing communications conceptAccording to Fill (1995), communication brings to potential customer information that companies want to offer; try to persuade the customers in the exchange relationship entering; remind and build image to describe the products and services.

In the 4Ps model of McCarthy, Kotler added two Ps that are political power and public opinion formation. In 4Ps, the promotion is one of important element as well as a part play the communication to the target market. This was called promotional mix which includes four components. These are advertising, sales promotion, public relations and personal selling.

Figure 1: The relationship of the promotions mix to marketing strategySource: Chris Fill (1995)Advertising is a method that uses to persuade the target costumers. Companies can use mass media to perform their advertising.

Sale promotion includes many technologies to provide the added value to customers. These activities aim to increase the sales of companies and collect information from their customers.

Personal selling is the technology use the method face to face to communicate with individual customers. This task can be undertaken by individual or group of marketing employees to introduce their companies, persuade, inform, and remind customers.

Public relation is one of important activities in the operation of companies. The mission of this activity is analysis the trends, predicting the demand in the future to help companies create new strategy for their business.

1.2. The role of marketing communicationMarketing communication has one important role that builds and secures the position of companies in the mind of customers. Moreover, in the marketing communication, there is one part with Public Relationship (PR) role. It is in charge with the high credibility and relatively low cost for companies. This part well performs the role of marketing communication especially companies can achieve the purpose...