Vietnam War

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Why were US forces withdrawn from Vietnam in 1973? During the Vietnam War, many American soldiers died in combat with the NFL soldiers of North Vietnam. We know from writing previous essays that the American Presidents and Governments in charge during the Vietnam War came under much pressure to stop the war and to withdraw the US soldiers from the area. Basically, this was the main reason why the Americans did withdraw their soldiers from Vietnam, however, there are a few other reasons that we must take into account before we conclude on the essay.

At the start of the war, both President Kennedy and President Johnson had the support of the American people when it came to the issue of sending US combat troops and machinery into Vietnam in order to stop the spread of communism throughout Asia. The first official combat troops sent into Vietnam came from under the command of President Johnson.

Almost 80% of the American public supported him in this move. President Johnson had started operation "Rolling Thunder" 3 months after being elected despite saying that he would not escalate the war. However, Johnson said that the operation would last only 6 months at the most because he thought the North Vietnamese would be bombed into submission. When the NFL started to attack the US airbases in response to the bombing, the general of the Americans, General Westmoreland, said that he needed more men to help defend the airbases. 2,500 US marines were sent to his aid. The American people supported Johnson though because they believed in him and what he said.

Over a period of time, however, 2,500 men turned into 20,500 then to 125,000 and then up to 540,000 troops in Vietnam at once. The promise Johnson had made that the bombing...