"How the Vietnam War Affected America"

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I. Introduction

A. Thesis

B. Vietnam Facts

1. Events

a. Major milestones

b. Events that stirred emotions of protestors and citizens

2. Dates

3. Statistics

4. FAQ's

II. Economic Effects

A. Money going into Vietnam aid

B. General outlook of U.S. citizens on the money being spent

III. The Antiwar Movement

A. Makeup of protestors

B. Reasons

1. U.S. policies and how it angered demonstrators

2. Major events in Vietnam that heightened/reduced movement

C. Protests

1. SDA march at Washington

2. Vietnam Day at Berkeley

3. Oakland Army Terminal

D. Underground Network

1. Spreading of movement

2. Newspapers and Magazines

3. Anti-draft

4. Spread to government

5. "Dump Lyndon" groups

E. Antiwar Peak

1. Citizens' outlook on the war

2. Musicians

3. My Lai Massacre and Kent State

4. Pentagon Papers and public response

IV. End of the war

A. Dates and events

B. Reasons

C. Outcomes

1. In U.S.

2. In Vietnam

V. Conclusion

A. How the Vietnam War effected America

1. New view of government and military


The Vietnam War affected America in that it caused citizens to gain a new view of government, military, and U.S. policy. The outlook on U.S. foreign policy changed drastically at the launch of the war, and the attitude of American citizens towards the government continued in a downward spiral of resentment, confusion, and skepticism throughout the drawn out, seemingly pointless war.

Dwight D. Eisenhower involved the United States in the Vietnam conflict in 1954 when he offered assistance to Premier Ngo Dinh Diem, the head of the government in South Vietnam, through a letter. The United States government felt as though the country was obligated to further the advancement of pro-Western government beyond its borders, and without American support South Vietnam would be taken over by Communism. Prior to the...