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Teen VIOLENCE Violence among teenagers is the most unbearable and intolerable issue in the society today. On May 98, a 15-year-old boy from Springfield, Oregon, allegedly opened fire at his schoolmates, killing two and wounding twenty others. On April 99, two students from Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, carrying guns and explosives, killed 13 people and hurt another 23, which become the most lethal massacre in U.S school history. One month after that incident, there comes another horror in Conyers, Georgia, on May 99. A student with two guns, shot six schoolmates to death and himself afterward.

What really causes those tragedies and what makes teenagers behave in such aggressive violence? Psychologists today are still debating about whether it is determinism or individual's own will. Even though nobody can carry out the exact explanation on those abnormal behaviors, many people believe those violence are link to the individual's mental, environmental, and biological problems.

According to the recent survey of American Journal of Health Behavior, more than one quarter of US teenagers are dissatisfied with their lives, which lead them to behave violently and aggressively. Approximately, one in five teenagers may have experienced mental problem, which is most commonly caused by the depression disorder or anxiety disorder.

The causes of depression disorder are complex and it could be occurred in any person at any age. Three things that could make a person depress are emotion, motivation, and thoughts. Emotion that turn children to behave violently is often negative emotion when they feel sad, for example, when they loss their love one. Another possibility is motivation, which usually occurs when a child is decline in schoolwork and physical activities. They may experience helpless and their attitude starts to change. The depression causes by their thoughts is due to their beliefs that...