Violence in Politics

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Politics is a wide topic that includes lots of points but there is not a clear

definition of politics, it is known that politics is present in all social relations no matter how small the group or the society. Politics might best be characterized as the constrained use of social power. Politics occurs where there is power relationship. The concept of power lies beneath politics. Human beings have the urge to gain power. They seek to be more and more powerful. This turns out to be a competition or a rivalry. Therefore, naturally in this competitive arena violence is felt and it is used as a means. Until today all of the civilizations and states have had violent memories, a war or a struggle, fight, revolt, etc. In the political framework, violence is the illegitimate use of power.

Furthermore, Machiavelli transformed the meaning of politics. He stated

that the goal of politics is the pursuit of power.

According to him, the most important elements of politics are the rule of law. So far Machiavelli's ideas have aroused arguments and they are criticized. Many people still believe in his ideas and apply them as the basis for their study of modern political science. The influential political theorist Thomas Hobbes author of Leviathan strongly echoes Machiavelli's conviction that human beings are naturally wicked and require strong government to keep them from harming each other. On the other hand, as time moved on, many different types of political systems, such as fascism, democracy, communism, socialism and etc. sprung up. Violence in politics have occurred more in authoritarian regimes.

The subject of violence in politics is a debatable issue; there can be many different ideas and opinions. Moreover, other than Hobbes, Machiavelli also influenced the cruel dictators. Mussolini and Adolf Hitler...