Violence in the streets of Washington, D.C

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The War in the streets of Washington, D.C

Washington, D.C., is the capital of the most authoritative country in the world. All of the most important political figures are living here in the district. Not only is D.C the capital of the United States of America but is also the murder capital. Having the highest homicide rate in the country has made the district known as the murder capital for years. The Violence in the district streets is outrageous and almost like a war. The Violence needs to cease.

According to sources, including The Washington Post, the homicide rate has been declining so much that at the pace it is going this year, we will have the lowest D.C. murder rate in two consecutive years out of the past twenty years. Hard work and dedication are being put towards producing an impact and making D.C as safer place.

While Washington has had a steady 3% decrease in deaths by violence, Prince George's County, especially right outside of the border, has had a 21% increase.

The rising house values have resulted in many residents moving to Prince George's County because it is cheaper to live and to them somewhat safer.

Although D.C.'s rates are still amazingly astounding with already over 110 murders this year alone it has affected my life and me personally. After being informed of the violence my entire life style and outlook on the world has changed. My eyes are always open to any peculiar things happening around me. Just knowing that innocent children my age are being killed and kidnapped keeps me up at night. The violence in the district in which I live has caused me to be overly wary at all times. It only takes being in the wrong place at the wrong time...