Violence & Video Game Influence

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Violent video games are commonly critiqued in our society. As Katz states "Violent behavior is typically gendered male [sic]. This doesn't mean that all men are violent, but that violent behavior is considered masculine…" (Katz 350), video games go on to prove this to society. Video games try to prove gendered male dominance by aggression and violence and the ad by Kane and Lynch proves this. The ad first shows a male grabbing onto a woman by her hair. The small amount of her eyes that are still open show fear and her mouth is taped shut. The male grabbing her has a gash on his face that still looks fresh showing he has been fighting recently. After the viewer gets past the shocking image in the foreground they see the guy in the background is holding quite a large gun. The image also looks to be taken in a dark and dungy basement or warehouse.

The men in this image are clearly aggressive and dominant over the woman. She is gagged, can't move her body, and her head is pulled back to where she can't even see what is going on. This is a video game ad targeted towards younger boys of today. Men of all ages play video games but the main audience is boys in elementary to high school. These boys are learning how to act masculine and this is what we are teaching them. This is where bullying and the obsession with guns and violence in young boys comes from.

Our society is worried that young boys feel they need to be violent to be considered a strong boy. I feel ads and video games like this continue to push this impression on the younger generation. It is showing them that with violence and aggression you...