"Public Enemy #1: Video Games and The Media" An argumentative essay about the effects of media and video games on today's violent American youth.

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I turned on the TV the other day to the voice of a familiar "friend". The voice belonged to Dan Patrick, a regular anchor on ESPN's "Sportscenter". He was reporting the story of a Chicago man and his teenage son, who attacked Kansas City Royals first base coach Tim Gamboa on the field during a Cubs game earlier in the year. The two face criminal charges in the case for stabbing and fiercely beating the defenseless 63 year-old Gamboa. It's this sort of violence our youth experience everyday on TV, even on ESPN, and it makes for the most violent young generation America has seen.

To say the media is fully responsible for the rampant violence among America's youth would be irrational. There is a general feeling that today that kids aren't raised the way they were in the 60's and 70's. Babyboomers are now grown adults with their own families.

More often than not, both the mother and father work full time jobs, and children lose out on a traditional family lifestyle. Furthermore, there's an extreme lack of activities and after-school programs for our youth, and the solution as of now isn't helping this violent youth movement. Rather than playing sports or going to piano lessons, teens and preteens plop down in front of their Playstation 2s and XBoxs, and are stimulated for hours on end. And far too often, that stimulation involves violence.

I remember in my younger years participating in this same after-school ritual. I'd come home, get a bite to eat, and power up my Super Nintendo (a system that is obsolete in today's gaming world) and play "Mortal Kombat". In the game, you choose a player and engage in hand-to-hand combat with other characters, using an array of extreme moves including highflying triple-kicks and...