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MTV and THE MADONNA PHENOMENON"Madonna's intuitive grasp on the televisual world inwhich we live- of ... I decided to write about a topic to which almostevery theory that we have discussed can be applied: MTV andthe "Madonna Phenomenon".As E. Ann Kaplan stated in her article on feministcriticism, Madonna ... menon" has become such an important concept in mediastudies, one must look first at how influential MTV (musictelevision) has become in the last decade. MTV addresses the"desires, fantasies, and anxie ...

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The Cultural Construction of Gender and Representation of Identity in Soaps and Music Videos

ning Up', 'Express Yourself', and 'Justify My Love'. The singer, who has been labelled 'Our Lady of MTV', has an amazing video appeal due to her play with gender and identity. No other single artist h ... ning Up', 'Express Yourself', and 'Justify My Love'. The singer, who has been labelled 'Our Lady of MTV', has an amazing video appeal due to her play with gender and identity. No other single artist h ...

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The Merchants of Cool: Video Response. Wafa Nurdin

t' research."Did the marketers in "The Merchants of Cool" get it right? Do they really know you? If MTV was really based on understanding you as a person, what would it look like?Since the beginning o ... influence what I see on TV, what I hear, and what I "buy", and that is a very disturbing thought.If MTV wanted to understand me as a person, they would actually play the songs I want and not what the ...

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Non-profit and for-profit schools in society.

ncially?Channel One, founded by Chris Whittle in 1989, is possibly the most famous. Channel One, an MTV-style classroom news show for junior-high and high- school students, garnered significant critic ...

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Smoking Report

usands of dollars to use full-page advertising in magazines, newspapers, and on TV stations such as MTV and ABC."Smoking is the most preventable cause of disease and premature deaths in the world". "I ...

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The racial tension in "To Kill A Mockingbird" and racism in todays modern world using examples and quotes from the book.

ngest. Racial tension is absolutely everywhere. In America's schools, on the streets, and in homes. MTV recently aired a show called "Take a Stand Against Violence". I heard stories of rapes, shooting ...

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Your successful life at age 35!

so many and will continue to adopt more. We have 3 beautiful houses which have all been featured on MTV's Cribs. One in the suburbs of Chicago, one in New York and one in the 51rst state of Puerto Ric ... his new album and the phones just keep ringing. That movie went on to win so many Oscar's, Academy, MTV, and Bet awards. Every since then my clothing line, movies and music videos have been successful.

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Television Essay.

and now generation, everything given to us at supersonic speeds. We (the generation Xers) want our MTV and everything that goes with it in to include the latest trends from food, and fashion to fun t ...

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Video Killed the Radiostar and MTV Killed Music This paper discusses the "fall of music." It deals with the overexploitaion of artists due to media such as MTV.

'Video Killed the Radio Star' and MTV Killed the MusicMusic has been an art of expression since almost the beginning of time. For thou ... now it seems that the only thing that musicians think about while writing an album is 'will it make MTV?'. Money seems to make even the music world go 'round today. There is a clear period in music hi ... ws the industrialization of music, or the beginning of the end as I call it. This period is between MTV and the current, when Brittney Spears has sold more copies than the Beatles. The change was and ...

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An anti cloning persuasive paper.

on five hundred seventy three thousand nine hundred and twelve. Even in this age of pop culture and MTV, people cling to their own notion of personal individuality. One of the many other problems with ...

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Rock Vs. Classical Music. Pros and cons of each type of music, as well as a comparison of styles.

Rock music of today has turned to shit because of MTV's TRL, the billboards, and Brittney Spears's record sales have something to do with the size of ...

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An analysis of Mtv according to popular culture theoriciens Q.D. Leavis and Theodor Adorno.In other words, critisizing Mtv both in concervative and liberal view.

,)Although it seems that there is not any owner of the television, actually there are. The owner of MTV is the cable television giant Viacom, and the brain behind MTV is Robert Pittman. The owners cer ... they have no relation with consumerism. So, as it is obvious that on the basis of the group behind MTV there is consumerism, we can say that MTV is controlled by elites. As a result, in the first lev ...

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"The Structure, System, and Style of Television." How is television generally structured?

show or segment. I have recorded twenty minutes of programming on September 9, 2003. The channel is MTV. The shows featured are Dismissed and Total Request Live. In addition, there are several commerc ... Before I go on, it is important that I note the general audience of the programming. Because it is MTV, we can assume that the viewers are young (teenagers). Programmers are aware of their viewing au ...

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Opinion and analysis essay on movie "Merchants of Cool".

to come, dance, and have a good time at the launch party for its website. This party was filmed by MTV, and broadcast to millions of teens who were accordingly influenced by this new trend. To me, it ... this craving for foreknowledge of the next trend are frequently unsavory, as is seen in the case of MTV's ethnographic study, where researchers visited teens at their homes and attempted to analyze th ...

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Essay on Entertainment. Gabler says that it is bad for the mind. This is an arguement to that.

, the show Jackass, a show about guys doing absurd and idiotic stunts featured on the highly viewed MTV, sends off a subliminal message to the audience that the stunts they perform is what society def ...

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The effects of MTV on youth consumer culture.

olescence, and what is still influencing today?s teens. Through surveys it has been determined that MTV is the preferred channel amongst American teenagers, averaging to almost 75 percent of the teen ... of the teen population claiming regular viewership. Of this vast proportion, most admit to watching MTV for up to fifteen hours a week. These numbers alone makes one believe that MTV is the primary fo ...

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Jihad vs. McWorld Essay

of large swaths of mankind by bloodshed and war. The second, Mcworld, will be corporations such as MTV, Macintosh, and McDonald's, pressing nations into one commercially homogenous global network. Th ... ive, and an ecological imperative. These common demands set a political horizon for the future. The MTV represents the attraction for common teenagers. The "pop" culture of today's teenager leads to t ...

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A Culture study of Plastic Surgery and its presence on television

nt programs on television concerning plastic surgery. There are several shows out right now such as MTV's 'I want a Famous Face' and FX's 'Nip, Tick'. I think that both of these shows present a discou ...

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An analysis of music videos

are a phenomenon in visual and music culture that have become somewhat forgotten. Since the 1990s, MTV has moved away from their primary use of music video delivery, in favor of a more generalized yo ... les and network television shows like Survivor. However, unable to abandon music videos completely, MTV was forced to create a new channel on the dial, now currently available on a widespread basis to ...

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Editorial on Janet Jackson at the Superbowl

sure that you know the "stunt" was the unexpected flash of Janet Jackson's right breast during the MTV produced half time show of Super Bowl 38 held in January, 2004. However what was truly embarrass ...

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