An analysis of Mtv according to popular culture theoriciens Q.D. Leavis and Theodor Adorno.In other words, critisizing Mtv both in concervative and liberal view.

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One of the well-known conservative critics is Q.D. Leavis. She extremely object to popular culture. She argues that, in popular culture there is a loss of control over masses. The role of elites diminishes, becomes trivial.

"...Only a small and educated cultural elite was capable of understanding and profiting from the descriptions of the human experience contained in the great works of art and culture. Only this small cultural elite can pass on this precious inheritance to the next generation, but their position and authority is threatened by the spread of commercialized 'mass culture': which satisfy to the lowest common denominator and undermines cultural standards..." (Leavis,)

Although it seems that there is not any owner of the television, actually there are. The owner of MTV is the cable television giant Viacom, and the brain behind MTV is Robert Pittman. The owners certainly related to an ideology or have an ideological view and they naturally try to spread it.

According to Leavis, as elite is interested with high art they have no relation with consumerism. So, as it is obvious that on the basis of the group behind MTV there is consumerism, we can say that MTV is controlled by elites. As a result, in the first level, according to Leavis' critic MTV is a product of popular culture.

Additionally, according to Leavis "Art should play a specific and important function"

It seems that the shows of MTV are scheduled aimlessly. Just ones that include violent behavior, slang language, such as "Beavis & Butthead", "Celebrity Deathmatch", "The Osbournes", "The Tom Green Show", "Andy Dick", and "Jackass", are broadcast just before midnight. People are removed away from the idea that everything has a sequence. After an Eminem song there may comes Garbage or after an old cult Pink Floyd song, you...