Violent Women in Movies

Essay by natuch01B-, October 2009

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There are plenty of violent movies made in America each year, and there are millions of people both old and young that watch movies. Many movies have lead roles played by men and some by women, however most movies depicting violence show men as the aggressive character. When women are given roles in violent film, they are either casted into roles where they play a victim or rarely as an antagonist. Women who play a role as the person committing the violent acts in movies are often unrealistically portrayed and fashioned to the likes of what men consider to be "attractive". It is not enough for a woman to merely play a violent role in a movie, no, she has to be sexy while doing it. The images of violent women in our cinema are often too unrealistic and unnecessarily sexy. If women are to try and use Cinema as a tool of empowerment, they are struggling to do so without the influence of men telling them how.

Many movies come into mind that show women playing violent roles, most show that character in a way that is all too sexually appealing to men.

The Movie "Kill Bill" is a good example of how movies that try to give empowerment to women by giving them strong independent roles, often fail to show the character in a realistic balance of power and femininity. The movie has plenty of scenes where the main character Ulma Thurman is dressed in really tight outfits or overly sexy get-ups, especially during very graphically violent scenes. Even though Thurman plays a seemingly independent woman, she is still dependent on being sexy for the male audience in order to be considered for her role. She probably would not have gotten that role if she was considered by...