Virtual Geography.

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The perfect educational system would be a virtual 3D geography classroom for middle school students attending public and private schools. This class would be taught by a young, energetic, creative teacher with an artistic personality. The teacher must be the type of person who encourages free thinking. This geography teacher would also be very open-minded to the many different teaching styles that exist.

The virtual 3D classroom seats fifty students comfortably with a screen that goes around the entire room. Each student is issued their own pair of 3D glasses that they will be responsible for since the glasses are more high tech and costly than the average 3D glasses that are made of paper and plastic. The classroom will also have a magnitude of speakers to create a surround sound environment including an individual speaker on the back of every seat. Each seat will be able to recline and will be equipped with mechanisms that vibrate and become hot or cold to represent different climates.

The students will be able to take virtual tours of every location in the world including the ocean floor. This virtual 3D classroom is an example of a perfect educational system as opposed to the old way of studying geography through maps, globes, text books, and video.

As part of this perfect educational system the students will decide what gets taught. For example, they will be able to choose what geographical location they learn about and explore. This gives the students a choice rather than becoming the depositories or containers being filled by the teacher as a part of an imperfect educational system. The class will be more of a democracy by letting the students vote on which location they will visit next. The teacher will decide how the students spend their time during...