Virtual Reality

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This paper addresses the use of technology in the world of entertainment, with a specific focus on virtual reality. Virtual reality will be thoroughly defined, its components will be examined, and its impact on society will be studied. Among the definitions included are those from the artist Myron Kruger, the scholar Howard Rheingold, and the novelist William Gibson. The technological components used in virtual reality include the video display, audio input, tactile response, interactive input, and the computer hardware and software. Because there is such an extensive amount of information, this paper will contain a general overview of the necessary equipment, as well as a few examples of companies and items involved in the field of virtual reality. As a result of the information presented, the reader of this paper will be introduced to a whole new way of thinking about the world of entertainment.

Virtual Reality


This paper will address the ways in which technology is used in entertainment in order to search beyond what is perceived as the limitations of reality.

In particular, this paper will discuss virtual reality, "an artificial world that 'feels' real, that responds to your every move much as the real world does" (Lavroff 1992). This will be accomplished by looking at the definitions of virtual reality, the technology behind virtual reality, a survey of virtual reality, including its history, present state, and future forms, and finally the impact of virtual reality on our society.

There are many different definitions and terms for virtual reality. Since the technology behind virtual reality is still somewhat new, there are a lot of researchers that have their own theory behind it. Each person seems to offer a new and improved definition, ranging from Myron Kruger's terminology that appeals to the average man on the...