Virtual Tour of the US Supreme Court

Essay by sial November 2004

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While taking the virtual tour of the United Sates Supreme Court one come across a number of facts which are vastly impressive. One of features offered by the court is that a person can have access to all the cases either solved in the past or in process at the moment through the docket data of the court. This feature is highly valuable for the students of law all over the world who have to study the cases and decisions made by the Supreme Court of United States.

Another fact which impresses a person while virtually touring Supreme Court of United States is the grand entrance of the honorable Justices into the area of Courtroom as all the people present in the area remain standing after the announcement made by the Marshal till the Justices seated. One really feels proud after visiting the Courtroom of the Supreme Court Building due to the fact that it is the place which has maintained highest standards of providing justice since 1935.

A fact which surprised me

is that till 1935, the Supreme Court was not provided by a building of its own despite the fact that it was 146th year of its existence.

In order to study about any civilization one develops the image about it while judging the courts and their roles in the specific society and after touring the Supreme Court of United States I am pleased that I belong to such country where justice and rule of law are given pragmatic importance and we have a strong infrastructure in terms of courts which are headed by United States Supreme Court to maintain this tradition.