Virtues are important building blocks that determine one’s moral excellence.

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Virtues are important building blocks that determine one's moral excellence. These vital behaviors play an important role in many aspects of one's life. Loyalty, self-discipline, and honesty are among the most valuable virtues that one may attain in their life. These character traits move one to help family, loved ones, and even perfect strangers. Loyalty, self-discipline, and honesty equip one to face life and live life to it's fullest.

Loyalty is the first vital merit one may obtain to help better their life. Loyalty means looking past one's own needs and putting one's self in second place. Obtaining this quality helps one obtain stronger relationships with one's family, friends, and loved ones. Loyalty requires one to do the right thing at the right time for those one cares about. As a result, one's loved ones will return the favor and both receivers of the deed will be grateful and happy.

Loyalty is indeed one quality one needs to obtain true happiness.

The second basic virtue that is essential in one's life is self-discipline. This remarkable quality is the virtue one uses to manage themselves and the different parts of their lives. The management of one's life equals their ease in living and the stress level one has. Self-discipline also means taking charge of one's self. If one takes charge of their life and has control of it they will not let anyone or anything stand in the way of their goals and dreams. Achieving this desirable quality will help one become happier, healthier, and a better person.

Ultimately the chief virtue above all is honesty. When one thinks of another's reputation, one usually thinks first of his or her honesty. If one is honest people will trust him, befriend him, and rely on him. One may be loyal, determined, friendly, smart, and disciplined, but all those qualities are poisoned by deceit. Good traits one possesses do a reputation no good without honesty. The saying "honesty is the best policy," describes it's magnitude to the fullest. Honesty is the best policy and the most treasured merit one can acquire.

Loyalty, self-discipline, and honesty are basic virtues that everyone may have. Achieving and acquiring these virtues will be for the betterment of one's life and beliefs forever. Loyalty, self-discipline, and honesty may be difficult to develop but in the long run are incredibly helpful to one's well-being and self-worth.