A Vivid Nightmare Topic: Imaginative Literature Notes: An amazing essay that uses extreme diction and imagery.

Essay by KingleonardoHigh School, 12th gradeB, October 2004

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It was yet another antagonizing day at work. Fatigue and dementia soon befell on me. I was elated to know that I was excused from tomorrow's duty. I stumbled onto my king-sized bed unknowingly, and soon fell into a perpetual trance...

My head hurt so much and I was in excruciating pain. I found myself lost in a track, surrounded by barren land and trees rotting from their roots. Locust swarms could be seen a great distance away. "This is a definitely a place from Hell!" I told myself. I tried to make my way to the dilapidated gates, but to my horror, sinewy figures a few yards ahead, slithered their way towards me. I shook my head a couple of times to ensure that the images forming in front of me were indeed existent. I staggered a few steps back, and they came nearer to me. I could hear my heart thumping with excessive speed as silhouettes of countless of mobs imbued the background.

I turned my head back, looking for an exit, but a cluster of brick amalgamated into a brick wall in front of my weary eyes, confounding me completely!

I knew I was in an unreal world, a world of unknown possibilities, a world in which a human manifests. I touched the brick wall with my sweaty palms, but I realized the world was not as spurious as it seemed to me. I was cornered... helplessly encircled by defecating and bloodthirsty demons from Hell. "Alas! Help!" I squealed pathetically. Nothing I could do now could help me escape this enmity. I shrouded myself at the corner and enveloped myself with my arms. "No...!" I screamed at the top of my voice.

Suddenly, the nether world closed in. A prevailing and overwhelming beam of light shone...