The Voices Within : A Descriptive essay written for an Eng 101 course.

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Dreams can be a frightening place to be. Do you ever feel fear as you drift off to sleep? Have you ever worried that you might not wake up? I may not fear staying asleep, but I have felt the panic induced by nightmares of my own creation. It amazes me just how real it can feel.

As I drifted to sleep one not, not so long ago, I thought to myself, it could be a very bad night. My dreams were listening, and they prepared for me a nightmare that remains with me still.

The sky boiled and churned as I gazed upward at it. The clouds glazed in blue and purple like the rich dark paint people put on a fancy car. Standing, I realized that I was back again; I was somewhere along the cliff side, staring out at eternity. What brings me back here time and time again? Why is it always this way?

"We're coming."

The deep sonorous tones informed me. The sounds, like the strumming of a base, flowed over me. Their voices were everywhere. "We're coming." They repeated. I could taste fear in my mouth, that coppery stagnant aftertaste that warns you of impending panic. "We're coming." I heard once more.

"You are always there." I say into the wind, "You are always waiting, coming for me when I get here. What is it you want?"

"You know what we want." Came the stoic reply, "We want freedom, to choose and do as we wish."

"That is not possible. You know it is not." I trembled as I spoke into the vast nothing before me.

I looked around the cliff side, trying to find another ledge to claw my way to. Looking down I see the abyss. Blackness ringed with a red so...