I Want My MTV!

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Music Television, affectionately known to millions of ultra-loyal fans around the world as MTV, has totally revolutionized the way in which people, the world over, enjoy the latest music releases. From music producers, to public relations & marketing firms, disk jockeys, performing artists, and enthusiastic music fans; the birth of MTV has given rise to a market that was previously un-tapped. What began as a pilot company in the 1980's, has seen tremendously huge growth throughout the 90's, threw the change of millenniums, all the way to the present day. Within this vastly phenomenal growth, lies a marketing dilemma though. MTV has always stood by its Americanized format; in the way that the show is presented to its viewers worldwide. The vast cultural barrier of sorts arises when MTV attempts to present its Western format to foreign audiences. Although the MTV brand name literally sells itself globally, it still lacks the key ingredients that are sorely needed to make it a truly, economically viable household name worldwide.

With the recent advent of MTV International, which is headquartered in London, England, top executives must answer these very tough questions: Should MTV International be consistent across all country lines, or should it be sensitive to each and every new culture base that it comes into contact with as it expands into new territories? What method should MTV use in order to continue its major global growth? Finally, should MTV keep the sole rights and ownership of its brand name; or should it partner with foreign markets by allowing its brand name to be privately licensed in other countries? These are but a few of the obstacles that face the global expansion of MTV and its affiliates. With extremely careful planning and being sensitive to differing cultures, customs, courtesies, and beliefs, MTV...