War against Rape

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The War Against Rape

Joseph M. Fowler

Columbia College

The War Against Rape

There are many crimes that are occurring in our society that everyone considers heinous. One of these crimes has many variables that can even lead some people to believe that it was the victim's fault. No matter what the circumstances, rape is never the victim's fault. This paper will discuss the crime itself, types of rapists and how the rapists are dealt with.

Before we can begin to talk about rape, we must first clearly define what we are talking about. RAPE: Sexual intercourse that occurs without consent as a result of actual or threatened force, (Crooks and Baur, 548). Each state defines rape a little different, ranging from the violent assault by a stranger to a planned romantic date that ends with coerced sex. Unfortunately, even though this crime happens extremely often, it is less likely to be reported.

The victim will sometimes blame him or herself (self-blame), thinking that somehow it is possibly their own fault. In other cases, the victim fears being blamed by others. The victim will sometimes have actual concern for the rapist or he or she may just block out the traumatic experience. In the end, we are all potential victims. A way to help prevent that from happening is to identify who would do this horrific crime.

Rapists come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. It almost makes it impossible to identify one. There are many types of rapists, which will be written about next in this paper.

The Power Reassurance Rapist is the least violent and aggressive rapist. This type of perpetrator is motivated to elevate his or her own personal status. This individual typically is single and...