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Every American was aghast when Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan. The growing casualties of Vietnam also angered and enraged Americans. Luckily, from the late 1970?s until the 1990?s the United States was free from war and became somewhat complacent. Unfortunately, this complacency brought about the terrible actions that were brought about on September 11th. The article The Longest War by Victor Davis Hanson tells some of the details of why the Taliban attacked the United States.

The attacks on the World Trade Center complex was not caused by legitimate grievances that the Taliban had a gains the United States, but because of an ancient feud between Eastern and Western civilization. The East, the Taliban, etcetera, Muslim world has always rejected the global forces of capitalism and democracy, the West. They, the Eastern nations, blame the West for their economic, political, and social distresses; in reality, their problems were caused by forcing strict adherence to the Koran and rejecting foreign ideas.

The United States may be hated because they support Israel, but the fact remains that if the United States and Israel would disappear tomorrow, Bin Laden and his successors would remain terrorists. Terrorism, however, has been successfully dispelled in the past by the Western nations, not because of their own ?suicide corps.?, but because of superior discipline, vigilance, and firepower. Afghanistan has remained under its own control in recent times not because they are a superior nation, but because those countries that have tried to subjugate them were guided by inadequate leaders and they gained support from stronger nations. America, in trying to destroy the Taliban, is deploying mass air raids, scattered ground troops, and special forces in order to successfully dispel Taliban influences. America?s generals are not naive and arrogant as past generals and have...