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Our country is currently at war and has been in this particular war for seven years. This fact has affected every citizen in the United States, some more than others, but none more than the Military families. Like me, many spouses, family members, and friends of American soldiers anxiously await their loved ones return and the end of this war.

Some people believe that war is a necessary occurrence that must take place every so often to maintain a balance among the world or in other words to help create peace. Many other people know that war cannot create peace because these two ideas are completely opposite. To fully understand this concept the search must start at the beginning.

In the beginning there was religion; in the end there is prosecution. Where do we draw the fine line or the great divide? We are a country founded on the belief of a god who states "thou shall not kill" and in this who are we to decide whether a man should live or die?In this country that we have come to call our own we have the right to choose what our beliefs are and the right to worship that belief without fear of discrimination.

Given that right, it is only fair to respect the fundamental religion that formed this country, whether or not it is a religion you have chosen.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, the unique idea that formed this country has not only been over looked, but more importantly over ruled. For a country that was founded on Christianity, it is ironic that a person can be frowned upon and ridiculed for publicly opinionating this belief, yet in an awkward twist an alternate belief is formally accepted.

On the other end of the spectrum this...