Warren Burger

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Warren Burger

On September 17, 1907 Warren Earl Burger was born in St Paul Minnesota. Born in a family of seven, he must have gotten really good at arguing in order to get his way because, eventually, Burger had found his true passion was law. But, Since his family was so big he couldn't attend Princeton because of financial problems. So, instead he attended the University of Minnesota for two years in order to be an insurance salesman. With the salary Burger earned as a salesman, he used it to pay for law school and attended St. Paul College of Law.

After Burger earned his law degree in 1931, he joined a law firm in St. Paul. On top of handling a variety of civil and criminal cases he taught contract law at St. Paul College of Law for twelve years. Soon after, in 1948 and 1952, Burger was a campaign manager for a presidential nominee, Harold Stassen, unfortunately, the campaign failed.

But, during the 1952 gathering Burger switched gears and supported Dwight D. Eisenhower, which helped Eisenhower win the election in 1953. The year following the election, Burger became an assistant attorney general in the Department of Justice. Then, 3 years later, Burger was appointed to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, in which he stayed in practice for thirteen years. One of Burgers best accomplishments was when President Eisenhower made him head of the Justice Department's Civil Division. With almost no experience in maritime law, Burger supervised a staff of about 180 lawyers and successfully handled several cases involving shipping for the government.

In 1968, President Johnson had nominated Justice Abe Fortas to the position of Chief Justice. She would replace Earl Warren, but the nomination was stalled in...