The Water Babies

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Classic Book Report The Water Babies Charles Kingsley My book report is about The Water Babies. The characters are as follows: Tom is a very dirty boy who works as a chimney sweep. He is treated badly by his master, Grimes. Tom wants to be clean, he's curious, most of the time he's trusting, and when he turns into a water baby he develops a sweet tooth. Grimes, the master sweep, is ugly, dirty, and wants to be dirty. He's rude, a smoker, he drinks, and he's also a poacher and a child beater. Ellie, a girl, has golden curly hair and white skin. She is beautiful, clean, good and kind. Mrs. Bedonebyasyoudid is rather ugly, tall, wearing black with a birch rod, but is still kind-hearted even though she must punish people for being naughty. Mrs. Doasyouwouldbedoneby is a tall, pretty lady who is tender and sweet.

Mother Carey is an old, white haired lady who is wise, kind, and always right.

The protagonist is Tom, because he changed the antagonist, Grimes, (who beat him, stuffed him up chimneys, and did other terrible things to him, which is why he's the antagonist) making him repent of his rude ways.

This story has many settings. It starts in a large town in northern England. Part of it takes place in a grand house of many different periods and styles, (including Boetian, Doric, Norman, Anglo-Saxon, and a bit of the Taj Mahal and the Parthenon) called Harthover House. An important bit takes place in one of the rooms there. There are various fields and a cliff, too, and a few islands and queer lands such as The-Other-End-Of-Nowhere. Most of the story takes place in water, though.

Tom is a mistreated chimney sweep, a 10-year-old boy working for...