The way the destruction of WW1 is shown in "The Wars."

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In the novel "The Wars" by Timothy Findley it is clear that Mr. Findley describes the destruction of war through the disturbance in families, death of animals and the destruction of cities and towns. This comes up through out the whole novel.

Primarily, the destruction of war is shown through the disturbance in families. The Ross's are quite affected by several events that happen in their life.

When Rowena died, this affected all the members in the family. This event especially affected Mrs. Ross, who afterwards became an alcoholic. I find that this was because she did not know how to cope with the situation of her daughter's death. I also find her situation became worse after finding out that Robert left for the war, who had a slim chance of surviving. Rowena's death also dramatically affected Robert and his relationship with his mother. Robert wanted to keep Rowena's rabbit's alive (page 17 "'Robert?' 'Yes, Rowena?' 'Will you stay with me forever?' 'Yes, Rowena' 'Can the rabbits stay forever, too?' 'Yes, Rowena'") too fulfill his promise.

But his mother found it necessary to have them killed, so they got into an argument about the rabbits. Mrs. Ross also wanted Robert to kill the rabbits; Robert did not want to do it. Therefore Mrs. Ross got someone else to do it. I find that this added fuel to the fire and made Robert want to get revenge, so he joined the army. I find that this is the way he coped with the death of Rowena and the rabbits. I find it may not be the best way to react, but sometimes people make irrational decisions after a death of someone they love like in the case of Robert.

As well another disturbance that I found was that...