Ways to Improve Your English Speaking

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English speaking has many values and is important for people in every country, people who meet with different people and share different culture. English language is going up the national border of its origin in this century. There are lots of benefits to learn language and English speaking.

Firstly, the English grammar. The English language is very important to be able to communicate in every part of the world. If you want to speak English fluently, you must have the knowledge of English grammar rules. It is necessary to improve the English speaking. Therefore, the English speaking is related to the English grammar.

Secondly, speaking practice. After people learned the English grammar, they have to do speaking practice with their colleagues to better enhance their English. Therefore, it is necessary speaking practice. Finally, who are trying to enhance their English should learn this from native speakers of English to *better* develop their speaking.

Speaking pronunciation is important and necessary. Therefore, they need to develop their accent.

Consequently, there are lots of ways to improve the English speaking. English language is crucial to be able to communicate in the upcoming globalized world. There is a proverb pointing "A language makes one person, two languages make two." Therefore, people must develop their tongue and English speaking pronunciation.