Ways in which the digital medium has affected your work, by method, concept, distortion, and challenge.

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It is argued that we are entering a new era- the digital age, and that digital techniques have been exerting great influence on people's life, by transforming their conventional ways of employing different medium. Having been introduced to the digital photography, my conventional concept of photography and the methods of applying the medium have been profoundly affected and I have come to some realization and insights, although they are far away from equating to exploring all digital photography's extensiveness and profundity. I will mainly elaborate on two aspects, the new methods adapted in digital photography and the changing concept, which are closely interconnected.

In terms of methods, apart from having employed a exquisite digital camera, I have been introduced to one of the most important photographic product developments from the latter half of twenty-first Century, the Adobe Photoshop Programme. I will elaborate on how digital camera and photo programmes have affected my work and on some thinking about the concepts of photography.

I will focus on two aspects: digital camera and Photoshop Programme.

Digital photography is an entirely new method to take images; it provides people with some incomparable advantages over conventional way of photo taking. Comparing to conventional cameras, the digital ones can satisfy people's desire to take far more pictures without concerning about the cost of films and papers, and it is less time consuming as it simplifies the whole process of producing images. As an additional result, it can be less or no harm to the entire environment, to quote Tom Ang, 'it is more environmentally friendly than conventional photography'. (Ang, 2003, p7). Despite these thoughts, the two most useful aspect digital camera for me, is the possibility to change the 'film' in camera at the flick of a switch, moreover, one can even easily change...