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The tale of The Clever Little Tailor recounts a story of a tailor, decribed as a "young blunderhead" (The Clever Little Tailor) and a smug and proud princess and once again, the class distinction between these characters is made quite apparent. The Clever Little tailor tells a story of a princess who gives riddles to her suitors as a challenge so he can marry her, whoever fails to vanquish this challenge would not be able to marry the princess despite who he was. When the tailor appears with his two brothers and solves her riddle, the princess is speechless, but she is determined not to marry the tailor so she sets him on another task. In order to win her heart she orders him to spend the night at the stable with a bear. The Tailor obediently follows her order. As he enters the stable , the bear is ready to pounce on him, but the tailor keeps his composure , and begins cracking and eating walnuts, the bear puzzled at the tailor's attitude, and overcome with hunger he asks the tailor for some nuts.

However, the cunning tailor is able to outsmart the bear and with this task comleted sets out for his reward, the King then orders the princess to fulfill her promise to the tailor. Unlike the princess he doesn't look down upon the tailor, because of his meager background, but because of his bravery, judges him fairly and treats him as an equal, allowing him the freedom to marry his daughter despite these differences. In contrast the princess could be seen seen as 'snotty'and 'holier then thou'. She believes that she is better both in class and in mentality then the tailor, she like the Tailor in Heaven is quick too judge The tailors in both stories represent the people whilst the King and God represent the state. The idea of sovereignty is addressed here, in a democratic society the word 'sovereignty' describes the attributes of a state rather than a person. Essentially the individual is given more power and freedom. are able to voice their opinions to government and ultimately play an important role in the make up and organization of society. It is this freedom to be able to chose how we live, whom we live with and to able to hold political views without being tormented, that make democracy great.