Are We Alone? (Discovering the chance of Extra-Terrestrial Life in the Universe)

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Since the beginning of time, man has studied the Earth and observed the cosmos in pursuit of the answer to the question, "How did life begin on Earth?" Another obvious question to this is whether or not there is life in other parts of the universe, whether it is intelligent or not intelligent life. Although there is strong scientific proof that life after the Triassic period during the Mesozoic Era began because of a series of events in our atmosphere as well as the combination of evolution and mutation, there as still non-believers. These are people who believe that life is too complex for it to happen by chance and that there must have been a supreme being that created intelligent life. To determine or attempt to predict the possibility of life in another part of our solar system, galaxy, or even the universe, you must understand how life began on Earth or what most scientists believe to have occurred for life to begin.

I believe there is extraterrestrial life somewhere out in the universe whether it is or is not intelligent.

In order to determine how life may have begun millions of years ago, it is necessary to know the chemicals and molecules present at that time as well as the weather conditions on Earth. In 1990, strong evidence was put forth by a scientist named Alan Hildebrand that a meteor called Chicxulub, with a size of ten kilometers in diameter and a velocity of approximately 100,000 km/h, crashed into the Yucatan Peninsula about 65 million years ago. The impact of this meteor would have been equal to an explosion of many millions of tons of TNT and would have killed almost all life on Earth. The shockwave from the impact would have been felt everywhere and would have...