"What we know about the Police use of force"

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An officer who uses more force than policy allows is said to have used excessive force. Police officers are often seen as a thin blue line of protection between criminals and law-abiding citizens, but when they use excessive force, they cross the line and become criminals. Police use of force damages the image of law enforcement as well as the justice system. It leads to loss of trust in the policemen, which then creates a gap between them and people in the community.

Police use of force is an important topic to discuss because it deals with the life of a person, the misconduct of some police officers, the burden it caused and the lesson that everyone should get from it. Police officers must realize they were not given their badge to show that they are one's to be afraid of, but to keep the peace and order of the community.

Police need not use the force if the suspect is already injured because it may only lead to a more tragic situation. In several cases I have read in the past, people died after being restrained by police officers. Police use of force does not cause anything positive. It only leads to racism, disrespect among people, loss of respect and confidence for the police and it makes citizens feel less safe.

The possible solution to police use of force is to include in their training new techniques in handling suspects and criminals geared towards the demand for public policies that promote social and racial justice. Furthermore, police officers should receive anti racism and diversity training as a part of their education in police academies. Police officers must learn to conduct themselves in multiethnic and multicultural communities. Although the officers are in need of the training, everyone must...