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Current network architecture of company

United mission to Nepal it is Social organization which helps to the poor children to study and make them able to study, it help to the children who are unable to read. It Have many project one of them is to increase the literacy percentage of Nepal, United mission to nepal is a multicultural teams of nepali nationals and volunteer

United mission to Nepal is a social organization which maintaining their data communication in their organization, it was establish in 2004 it have very less number of student and employ at the begin now the organization is growing because of it goal, it's project is growing from east to west of Nepal. It also help to street children for their better quality of life .

Their mission is to minister to give the needs of the people of nepal and to raise the community of servants in fellowship with the community

They have different organization in different place of Nepal with LANS and WANS, internet, VPN and with RAS

United mission to Nepal have different branch in Nepal

Fig : where the branch are been planted

How Networks setup in their organization:

Now the organization have centralized database in windows server2000.

It has two three office one in pokhara another in Kathmandu

and last one is in heatuda, it use the ISP (internet Service provider) provide by the Global Network connection to connect to the center data base and VPN (virtual private network) to connect With each other, They use the MYSQL in the center computer in kathmandu and the VPN (virtual Private network to connect) and maintain their data and access user control Locally. So the user can access the locally by using the RAS and the internet respectively.

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