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1. What are the three areas that need to be researched before you can begin developing a website?

a. How to develop a Web site tat stands out

b. How to identify your audience

c. Which new Web technologies you should incorporate

In what ways can a search engine help in this research?

A search engine in many ways can be your guide to everything new or old. You can search the biggest and best companies as well as the biggest in your field and compare design elements. I have also found it quite helpful to search the top design Web sites they often have elements that are cutting edge.

Use two different search engines to research a topic in one of these areas (be sure to give the URL for each search engine).

http://www.msn.com, http://www.yahoo.com.

Compare the two search engines and the results you received from each.

I found similar Web sites on the two searches.

While both MSN and Yahoo had a big number of results the similar, they were often times off from my search keywords "Website Design Company."

Did the search engines make it easier to focus your research?

Both search engines gave my option of an advanced search. This gave me the opportunity to narrow my search and gave my much more productive results.

Why or why not?

The search engines did make my search easier. I could not imagine trying to guess URL's.

Did one search engine give better results? Explain.

I usually prefer MSN because of familiarly but for this search, Yahoo did seem to do a better job. It did so by giving me a stronger list of Design firms. I noticed that many times on MSN the Website was repeated. This is a waste of time for me.

2. Identify the...