A Week Full Of Experiences

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A Week Full of Experiences Last week flew by. My mother and I moved my belongings in. I finally got to meet my roommate. I was also amazed at the number of supplies needed for an Art class at the university level. And I am also happy to have high school friends here with me. College is suppose to be fun and I really think it can be, but first you must have friends and feel secure in the environment which you are placed.

When I arrived at Pembroke I was happy and also nervous. I really didn't know what to expect. I checked in and waited from my key. I watched as the woman thumbed through the names over and over again. I started to panic. But after five more minutes she had found the envelope with my name and room number on it. In it was the key to my room, a room that no longer was in Richmond County or owned by my father and mother.

As my mother pulled the vehicle around I went to Belk Hall and found my room. When I opened the door I realized the painted seemed to be melting off the wall, my room was a furnace. The air conditioner had not been installed. There had been a mishap in the housing department and I had to purchase my own. But needless to say I have an air conditioner and it works wonderful.

I had worried all summer that my roommate would not like me. I had only talked to her once on the phone but she received zero information about me. After spending the first weekend in a hot dorm room by my self. My roommate moved in Sunday afternoon.

Her name is Jennifer and she is an angel. We get along fine and she and I never complain about each other. She is an upperclassman and she has really helped me out with time management. I am so glad to have such a nice roommate. I really didn't know if I wanted to stay away from home, but know I see that I really needed to break away from my family. Not only for freedom but also to prove to my self I can mange my own life.

When I came to Pembroke I was so anxious to begin classes, well not just classes but art classes. I am enrolled in two classes in the art building the first in Drawing 132 and Elements of Design 101. When I stepped into class for the first time last Monday the teacher came in with a syllabus and said see you Wednesday. I looked over the supply list but I was not shocked I knew we were going to have a lot of things to purchase. I did pick and expensive major. I drove home Tuesday afternoon to purchase the supplies needed. The supplies seemed simple enough to purchase. As my mother and I walked the aisles of Michael's we noticed there were a lot of no name brands and not the listed ones. After purchasing a hundred dollars from Michael's, sixty-eight from Wal-Mart, and another thirty-three from the bookstore. I have almost completed my supply list.

Last but not least I am so glad to have friends from my high school here. College is supposed to be one of the best experiences of your life and I am so happy I have friends to share these experiences with. Not only do they know about me they know about my family and my beliefs and that is a big relief. For example Jennifer Lovin has been one of my friends since kindergarten we have had fights, and sleepovers for as long as I can remember. To have her in my English class in college is a relief because I have someone that has been there from the beginning is still there.

Pembroke seems to be a wonderful place with lots of smiling faces. I really like the atmosphere and teacher student ratio. I have already adjusted to my schedule very well. Even though I had a hot moving in experience. I have some to the conclusion that it is all for the best.