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Abortion: Right or Wrong? Abortion is when you kill a baby that is still in a woman's womb. This is done because the person cannot take the responsibility of having a baby. She maybe in school and maybe she has no money to support the baby and does not want to tell the parent or parents about her baby.

Abortion, is it right or wrong? I think it is incorrect because before you are involved in intercourse, you must think about yourself about the consequences that may occur to you like becoming pregnant. If you want a baby then you must take the responsibilities that come with it, not just the good parts. I think most teenagers get abortions because they can't accept the responsibilities that come with the baby. It must be tough but getting rid of a life just because you can't support it or don't want the responsibilities is just plain wrong.

It isn't fair to the baby to just have its life taken away from it. Because as soon as the sperm makes contact with the egg there is a life, and no matter how old a person is, you cannot take away his or her life. It isn't fair to the baby and it isn't fair to God. It sickens me when I see babies found in dumpsters on the news or any people talking about friends or relatives that have had abortions. I think abortions should be pronounced illegal.

The gospel, Mathew teaches us that you must always love all babies and to always respect women who are carrying future babies in their womb. You should also always support women who want to have a baby, or who want to adopt a child. Matthew teaches us that you must not kill a baby even if he doesn't feel pain yet because you are taking his opportunity to be alive and to succeed in life.

I can help by starting an organization in my school that tries to teach young women about how abortions are wrong, morally, religiously, and physically. The organization I would make would most likely go to the government and try to abolish abortion in the U.S.A and after we accomplish that we can take it internationally and try to put an end to abortion all over the world. We could start a few fundraisers that would go to women who live with children that decided not to get an abortion. So when I make that organization, support it and donate money to it, please for the sake of future kids.