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PRESCRIBED HEROIN VS. METHADONE In one corner we have Prescribed Heroin and in the other corner we have Methadone in the fight to end Heroin addiction. To predict a winner we will take a look at the effects of both and see which drug makes the bigger impact on helping Heroin addicts end their addiction.

Before we do that we must first know and understand what Heroin is and what is does to the mind and body. Other names for Heroin are: Junk, Smack, Skag, H, Gear, Brown and the list goes on. Heroin is mostly sold as a brown powder because of all the impurities or additives, but pure Heroin is white. The powder is then smoked or liquefied and injected. The powder comes from the milky sap of the opium poppy Papaverum Somniferum. The sap is dried to a gum like substance and then the gum is washed to become opium.

Opium contains two painkilling alkaloids, codeine and morphine. The morphine is further refined to create diamorphine, or heroin. Once it enters the body the user at first feels nauseous and often vomits, then the breathing and heart rate slow down and the go into a state the makes them look like they are falling asleep. Once this passes they can interact with other people normally, but the experience will be almost dream like. Opium is a schedule 2 drug which means it has a hi abuse and a psychological and physical dependency, but they do have some medical uses. Heroin is the most commonly abused of all narcotics. The two greatest risks are overdose and dependence.

Why do we need to end peoples addiction to Heroin? Because it kills people, causes dry, itchy skin and skin infections, constricted pupils, nausea, loss of appetite, collapsed veins from...