Why, and with what success, did the UN intervene in the Korean War?

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The Korean War was the first war the United Nations had to face. The new world organization had come into existence a mere five years ago. The UN was established immediately after World War II and replaced the League of Nations. Its goals were to maintain international peace and security and to achieve cooperation in solving international conflicts. The name was coined by President F.D. Roosevelt and officially began January 1st 1942 when 26 countries joined. In attempts to not make the same mistakes the League of Nations made, the UN took action and played a military role in the Korean War.

After the Second World War, Korea had been divided into two halves at the 38th parallel. In 1948, rival governments were established in North and South Korea. The Korean War began June 25th 1950 when North Korean troops invaded South Korea. The Security Council demanded an immediate end to hostilities and said this invasion a "violation of international peace".

They commanded the North Koreans vacate from the south but as the communists continued fighting, the UN authorized member nations to send military aid South Korea. The UN's initial reason for entering the Korean War was to push North Koreans back onto their side of the country. Though the United States contributed 90% of the troops, military equipment and supplies,( The United States spent about $67 billion on the war. ) dozens of countries sent troops, arms, money, and medical supplies as aid.

The Korean War finally came to an end on July 27th 1953 when the United Nations and North Korea signed an armistice agreement. A permanent peace treaty between the North and South has never been signed but the US still has military forces in South Korea to discourage further hostilities. The United Nations helped with...