Why was Andrew Johnson impeached?

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Throughout this essay I am going to discuss and challenge all the key factors as to why Andrew Johnson the 17th man to take up American Presidency from 1865-69 became the first American President to face the charge impeachment by the Senate in the spring of 1868.

Using all of the available historical resources available to me I hope to address a few of the most prominent questions as to why President Johnson was impeached I will use key events during his presidency to analyse whether or not Andrew Johnson's Presidential policy's and manners of conduct during his period in office were so obstructing to America's progression towards a national unified reconstruction, that made him rightfully liable to impeachment? Or are there other factors at hand that were used by people around his office to gain their own personal or political advantage.

A cruel turn of fate brought Andrew Johnson into office in America.

He followed the assassination of one of America's most inspirational presidents, Abraham Lincoln.

Filling this role with such haste and unexpectedness would have been a challenge for any man, but his task was made more difficult by the context of his camping as he was thrown into the epicentre of one of the most turbulent periods of American history.

To make matters worse he had to sail through this period in the wake of a greatly respected and missed president that had previously held many conflicting views both personally and politically to himself during his era in politics as Lincoln's vice president.

Andrew Johnson's presidency saw challenges on all fronts; he took office in America just after the massive devastations caused by the nations four year civil war,

leaving the country in total divide with heightened social and political conflicts.

His problems were compounded by...