Why is beer better than milk?

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Recent research has shown that beer is actually better for you than milk. Dairy products are loaded with fat and cholesterol, are frequently contaminated which chemicals and antibiotics, are linked to diabetes, certain cancers, and many other sicknesses, and are even thought to cause osteoporosis.

Beer does not contain hormones or antibiotics, while milk contains a wide array of pesticides, antibiotics, BGH and IGF-1, drugs both known to cause cancer. Beer also does not cause osteoporosis or any other illnesses when taken in moderation.

Milk is an extremely inhumane product to produce. Animals are not needlessly tortured, injured, or even killed in order to produce beer. PETA's College Action Campaign coordinator Morgan Leyh says, "Colleges have been busy banning kegs from campus. Ditch the dairy, not the beer!" PETA is also giving away free bottle openers that say, "Drinking Responsibly Means Not Drinking Milk-Save a Cow's Life."

When comparing nutritional values, it is very apparent that beer is much more healthful than milk.

MILK (1 cup of 2%) BEER (1 cup)

Fat (g) 5 0

Cholesterol (mg)20 0

Fiber (g) 0 .5

Sodium (mg) 122 12

Carbohydrates (g)0 3