Why Do We Have Government?

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Our group had decided to follow the system Canada uses in which decisions are

made by voting with minor changes. In more detail, the citizens of the new country will go

in groups with other citizens that share their opinion on the matter which is being voted

about. Then, a group of "Floaters" will talk to the groups and record their opinions.

Finally, they report back to the leader. The leader will declare his or her decision based on

majority rules. The "Floaters" are also in-charge of minority rights. This method allows

citizens to be involved in their government while the government knows what the people

really want.

Devon is our Prime Minister since she was nominated and won the most votes

from the citizens. Every candidate needs to be nominated and then has to give a speech on

how they believe the country can be improved or managed.

After that, voters stand beside

the candidate they think should be Prime Minister and the candidate with the most voters

will win.

The Perfect Minister should be open minded -so they can take criticism-, well

informed of what people want -that way they are promised a longer term-, they also need

to be educated and have an extensive general knowledge.

The rules we have made are that the society will be divided into sectors; each

group will have their own responsibilities. The sectors we will have are:

Food Gathers- They gather food and water and repair/build shelter.

Resource Managers- They check how much stock we need or have and make sure that

every citizen is receiving a fair amount of rations.

Medical Clinics- A small but important group, they are in-charge of health and they

maintain cleanliness in the town.

Technology Aids- They develop new technology...