Why Do We Need To Go To School?

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Good morning, class! Today, I am here to tutor you because your professor can not attend the class.

Continuing the last dialogue, today's topic is the supporting reasons about why we really need to go to school. In this meeting, I will cover some points, which are the things that schools offer us and the pro and contra about home schooling and internet-schooling.

Well class, what do you think about life when we relate it with school? Yes, right. Life is bored, especially schools. Can you imagine life without any homework, assignments, and exams? Look at the clock. The needles move so slowly and we're stuck in this class with these things.

However, let's move on to the discussion. We all know that in our daily life, we have a relationship with a thing called school. What do you think about school? Yes. A school is a place where there are many teachers and students gather around to make a community and learn together.

Not only that, school gives us many things. Can you figure out something that the school offers to us? Yes. Just take a good example. Like our own school. In this school, we can meet foreign teachers and have a different experience than the students from the national schools. Do you know another definition about school? If not I will tell you straight away. A school is a place that becomes the tools to transfer the subjects like the curriculum council told the school to give to students, take students through an educational program that is academically precise, demanding, challenging and exciting and teach us to have critical thinking too.

O yeah, not only in the academic things, but a school also teaches us about how to expand our behavior. The first step that they teach...