Reasons People Don't Want To Go To School

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Many people do not want to go to school these days. Reasons can be from waking in the morning to eating the food in the cafeteria. Its not that people do not like school and wish it would not be mandatory, it's really the things we need to do in school.

Waking up around 7:00 AM every weekday is very hard. It usually means that everyone would be sleeping in his first period class, or he will be half-asleep the rest of the day. If you wake up that early, you may not eat. Not eating is very bad because it can cause three things:

1) Stomach noises

2) Extreme hunger

3) Detention (because of #1 and #2)

Sleeping in can make you hungry, it also makes you lazy. When your lazy you won't be doing any work, which lowers your grade. The second reason why people don't want to go to school is all the work.

When I wake up at 7:00 AM and remember about that big English test I have, it causes me stress. Stress can lead to another series of disturbing behavior.

Then there is after school, the worst part. I open your assignment book and read the long list of assignments due the next day, another stressful situation. But that's not it, when you get home is where is really stinks.

At home you still need to do the homework, study, and read! That takes about 2 hours. My parents are the bad part, they are the ones that will tell you what to do. The worst part about the parents are grades, and report cards. If I get a bad grade, I'm in trouble. But it does not end there. Detentions are not as bad as grades but they can get you...